Friday, 25 July 2014

Posture Chair?

Posture chair? 

What's that all about? 

Sounds expensive. 

What's wrong with my old chair?

Do you sit at your desk or workstation for long periods?
Do you get back ache or tension in the lower back or shoulders?

There's a good chance it's to do with or at least not helped by poor posture.

There is a lot of conflicting advice regarding seating position but there are a few key points to be aware of.

In my experience, the most common issue is slouching or leaning forward.
As i'm writing this i'm doing exactly that!

A few obvious key features are adjustable height arms, lumber support for your lower back, seat back adjustment and seat height adjustment. 

On top of this, some areas to be aware of are seat shape so as not to put unnecessary pressure on the underside of thighs and behind the knee, ideally the chair should have a seat slide to allow adjustment of the seat depth.

Don't over reach, keep things close, consider a foot rest, it makes a surprising difference and consider a wrist pad to rest your wrists on.

There's a lot to consider.

We have a great chair that addresses all of these issues and provide amazing support and comfort. It's called the Chiro +. It's an awesome chair and is Chiropractor approved for peace of mind.

I'm no expert but this is what I've learnt. If you want to discuss it in more detail please feel free to call us 0n 0800 1422626 for a friendly chat.


Friday, 18 July 2014

Storms hit the UK!

Here are some stunning shots from the storm that hit the UK overnight in the early hours of 18/7/14.

All of these shots are from within London. We tried taking some shots of our own but they were not a patch on the standards of pictures shown here!

We're sure you'll agree that these shots are breath taking!

Friday, 11 July 2014

Dont forget that we still have several special offers on-going!

Our “Value Office Chair" is still available for the staggering price of £39.98 (+VAT) and has optional arms available with either a fixed or adjustable design.

This chair has proven to be immensely popular with our customers and will no doubt continue to be so.
Stocks of this model are starting to get low so don't miss out! 

Friday, 4 July 2014

The Pace Home Office Chair

A recent addition to our catalogue, and indeed the market in general, is the all new Pace Home Office Chair. This chair has a simplistic yet stylish design with two colour options (blue and black) and stylish two tome castors.

Features of this chair include a 1000mm gas lift height adjustment and butterfly mech.

This model would fit in to the decor of any home office.

This new chair is available for a staggering £58.99 +VAT (price correct as of 27/6/14) and has free delivery in 3-5 working days.