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It's been an interesting week here at

In my last blog i told you about the incredible Dave Clark Designs furniture.

I had a good chat with Dave last week and we have agreed to offer his furniture through our site which i'm excited about.

Dave's work is incredible. The quality is second to none and the designs are just stunning.

There are lots of variations on the theme of car seat furniture.

These tend to be standard office chair hardware such as base, piston and mechanism, bolted to the bottom of a car seat.

In my opinion these are boring, ugly and unimaginative. 

I would be concerned that the centre of gravity may not be correct, weight distribution may not be correct, the angle of the seat base may not be correct for an office chair as the seat is fixed at a slightly more laid back angle in the car.

For me the biggest crime is lack of imagination. In most cases they are simply an office chair with a car seat replacing the office chair. 

These chairs can be anything from £200 ish to well over £1000. I've even seen these on one web site for several thousands! Madness.
0800 1422626

When you compare these after-thoughts with the furniture produced by Dave Clark it's like night and day.

Dave's designs are pure art, like a sculpture that happens to be functional furniture.

Over the next couple of days we will be adding some of Dave's chairs to the site.
I'll post the links as they are added.

One of the most amazing aspects of this furniture is the price, or lack of it!

These are truly hand built pieces and due to the fact that these chairs can be specified to highly personalised degree it is likely they will be totally one offs.

For example, if a clip chair is specified with stainless steel frame with a blue Panamera seat it's possible that no one will specify this combination again making it a one off.

For a bespoke piece of incredible quality, beautifully hand crafted furniture you would probably expect a price tag of several thousands of pound. Not so!

This amazing furniture is available for very reasonable prices making them a realistic proposition.

This is the Clip which will be offered for circa £395 depending on frame finish and chair specified. Now that is incredible value.

We sell a range of reception suites that are hundreds of pounds.

Can you imaging having a bespoke, hand made Dave Clark suite instead? What a talking point, what wow factor. 

It's not just seats either. Anything is possible.
If you have a requirement, just pick up the phone for a chat. What have you got to lose?
0800 1422626

0800 1422626


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