Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Our Upholstery Service...

At The Office Chair Shop we strive to offer the very best online shopping experience possible.  As well as having a large range of chairs available at very competitive prices, we offer extra services on many lines such as the popular ready built option which takes out any stress in constructing your new chair.

Another very popular  service we offer is our upholstery service.

Many businesses these days have their own logo or colour scheme (for example Morrisons which are bright yellow and Asda which are bright green).  This can be utilised in the clothes the staff wear, the decor of the building and of course the furniture.

At The Office Chair Shop we have a very large range of fabrics on offer to customise your chair any colour you want.  Being an online business we don’t have a showroom for our customers to come and see the chairs before they buy (our offices in Finchley do not have the facilities for this at the moment).  To remedy this we do, in many cases, provide swatches to give you peace of mind that the colour you finally order is definitely the colour you require.  We can also offer our  “colour match service”  where you send us details of what colour you want and we find the best match for you .
We pretty much have access to any colour you can think of and you don’t even have to have one colour, if you want a chair with a neon pink back and luminous yellow seat so be it!

One of our most popular chairs is the best selling Serenity, this is available in blue or black as standard and is also available upholstered a colour of your choice. Just below are some examples of different  colours which are available. 

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