Wednesday, 26 October 2011

I was sat watching some boring TV last night when i nearly jump into the TV! 
It caught me by surprise and if i'm honest it's a little sad of me but i was so pleased to see one of our chairs on TV.

It was on the UK's best loved and most popular soap Eastenders and was chosen for Janine to sit in as she controls her new business empire.

The chair is the windsor cream leather chair and i guess must have been chosen thanks to it's commanding, inspiring styling. It's a very comfortable chair and a bit bigger than a standard leather office chair, with wing style arms and contrasting piping. 
Windsor Luxury Executive Leather Chair AS SEEN ON TV

I'm sure my wife thinks i'm sad but i was actually excited for a moment when i saw it. 

Well, better get some more work done but i thought i'd just share this with you!


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  1. I'm glad you spotted it as when I Googled "eastenders janine office chair" you popped up as my first result! Lovely looking chair.