Monday, 31 October 2011

Well, the Facebook store is coming along and should be ready really soon.
I'm excited about it.

Not because i expect to generate loads of sales but because it's something new and interesting.

I've been looking at new suppliers for the site too, something a bit different, a bit more exclusive maybe.

By the way, have a look at this desking. It's spectacular. Very very nice. I really like this range. 

Some of the furniture can be delivered flatpacked while some of the bigger higher priced items need to be hand delivered and assembled. We have some partners in mind to support us with this so we will be able to offer a full package.

Generally office desks, when bought online, are flat packed so need to be assembled by the you.

This is great if you have the time and resources in place to build the furniture.

These days, most of us are busy doing our own jobs and don't have time to put aside several hours out of our busy working day to build office furniture.

To combat this we offer several range of office furniture on our site that are delivered and built for you, saving you time and hassle.

Time will tell if this is going to be the future for us or not. For me it seems like a great service. Anything that makes it easier for the customer must be a good thing.

We offer a broad range of 'delivered and built by us' furniture from an entry level workstation range to several executive ranges and some exclusive models in there too. and click on the desks/tables tab on the navigation bar.

Here are some more images of the exclusive range of furniture i mentioned earlier in the blog.

Speak soon.......

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